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A trip to Xue Mountain: challenge and discover the possibilities of oneself

Managers from different departments went backpacking together, teaming up to face the challenge and enjoy the beauty of Xue Mountain.

   This year, 13 managers from different departments, including President and Vice President, went backpacking in Xue Mountain. During this three-day trip, two major challenges were waiting for them, one was the test of stamina, and the other was to complete this trip together when the surroundings were unfamiliar.
   “I truly admire those porters who carry baggage weigh over 20 kilograms in the mountains for the people who go backpacking or work in the mountains can have the supplies. The biggest treasure of this trip was the collaboration and encouragement we have experienced within our team. We completed this challenging mission under the concept of leaving no one behind, that is, we helped each other when one was in a bad way. ” Said Vice President Jerry Huang.
   These participants feasted their eyes on the picturesque mountains. The magic of mountains made them forget the exhaustion, and gave them a sense of feeling that as long as they want, there is nothing they cannot carry off. This self-challenging trip let them reflect on how tiny they are though, they also discovered so many possibilities of themselves that they did not realize before. 

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