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Charity ceremony in Jan 12th

Lucidity and its charity foundation “Tzuyoung” donate two special purpose vehicles to Tainan government.

For feedback to society Lucidity and Tzuyoung charity foundation donated two special purpose vehicles to Tainan government on Jan 12th. One of these cars is for distributing charity supplies and the other is for disabled. With these two cars Tainan government can increase their service range and efficiency.
Tainan City mayor Wei-Che Huang said “Lucidity and Tzuyoung always take care of local society. In this chaos timing they still put much effort on company social responsibility. Tainan government will make good use of these meaningful gifts and help people as much as we can.


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Lucidity focuses on providing comprehensive commercial vehicle lighting solution to their clients. With 40 years experiences in the industry, Lucidity can customize every product that customer need. Lucidity also has several subsidiaries worldwide to enhance our service quality and efficiency.

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