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Veni, Vidi, Vici - Episode3

21 Lucidity partners use 4 days to ride across the half Taiwan by bike.

    April 23rd, the sky was drizzling but the weather didn’t become a barrier to complete this trip. The whole distance of the challenge is about 400 kilometers long, the only transportation way we can use is a small bike beside us. 21 Lucidity partners started their trip in Tainan and the destination is Hualien, the other side of the central mountain range.
    Compared to driving, cycling could let us see a lot of views that we wouldn’t notice in our normal daily life. Started from the city and rode into the forest, the view changed a lot, but they didn’t change their mind they finished the challenge together.
    After 4 days riding on the bike, they had arrived Hualien eventually. During the trip how to help each other when they were exhausted and encourage every team member are the most important things had to learn. We hope everyone in Lucidity can have these spirits that willing to help not only our coworkers, but also our customers to achieve what their desire.

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