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Lucidity’s Family Day party was held at the square of our new third phase building for the first time

The third phase building, a better venue for Family Day and a betterstart for offering superior services

        On December 3rd, the Family Day party was held by Lucidity at the square of our new third phase building, various activities were arranged to let our employees enjoy a fun time with their families together.

        Lucidity values family bonding, this Family Day event is how we strengthen our employees’ family connection. By participating fun games, enjoying singer’s performance, and sharing delicious local food, the family members of our employees get a chance to know Lucidity better. 

        In the past Family Day events, the family members of our employees can only have a look at our first and second phase building; however, since the third phase building─which is 41,794 square meters in total, with facilities like automated storage and retrieval system inside─has been partly opened to use, a wide and better venue was there for them to enjoy family bonding time together.

        With our new third phase building, we believe our employees and their families will have a better experience on the Family Day, as well as our customers can receive superior services that we are about to offer in the future.


About Lucidity

Lucidity focuses on providing our clients with a total solution about lighting. With 40 years of experience in the industry, Lucidity has a comprehensive ability to serve our partners nowadays. No matter where you are, Lucidity can always surpass your expectations by our service quality and efficiency through the worldwide service channel.

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