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Serve an internship at Lucidity, explore the unlimited possibility

Being an intern at Lucidity, it’s crucial to have curiosity about everything and be self-motivated

         “I want to learn more skills that I had little chance to acquire in school.” said one of the interns who was assigned to the HR department. The journey of serving an internship at Lucidity started by noticing the recruitment information, after a series of processes, these interns hit the road.
         On their journey, what have they seen? They met a group of colleagues with different but interesting personalities, those colleagues taught the interns professional knowledge and wisdom of life. They worked together on the project, including the experiences of finding questions, understanding limitations, developing strategies and making the best better. In addition, through group games, the interns were introduced to reflect on how cooperation in groups works, as well as how to ask questions to get what they want.
         All good things must come to an end, the journey of their internship at Lucidity finished. However, some treasures have been left on both sides. The interns got a chance to find their career pathways, and Lucidity was inspired by the different perspectives the interns brought in as well.

About Lucidity

Lucidity focuses on providing our clients a total solution about lighting. With 40 years of experience in the industry, Lucidity has comprehensive ability to serve our partners nowadays. No matter where you are, Lucidity always can surpass your expectations by our service quality and efficiency through the worldwide service channel.

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