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Veni, Vidi, Vici - Episode2

30 Lucidity partners complete the challenge of canoeing around the Liuqiu Island.

         March 19th, 30 Lucidity partners stood on the beach and faced the boundless Pacific Ocean. There are several canoes in front of them and the only thing they had to complete was getting on it and starting rowing till they complete the mission of canoeing around the Liuqiu Island.
          The winds were blowing, the waves were waving and everyone was keeping rowing. Even though they did their best to row the canoe, the strong waves push them back to the same place over and over again. More and more canoes overturned, thanks to the pre-trip practice everyone got on their canoe again.
          After 6 hours fought with The Pacific Ocean and the voyage was up to 15 km.  Everyone had completed the exhausted mission eventually. The reason why Lucidity wants to hold the campaign of canoeing around the Liuqiu Island is to let our partner know that no matter how severe a condition you meet, if you keep fighting there will have some people trying to help you and you will overcome it finally.



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