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Heim Karriere
Better & Brighter

Chain of Young

Breaking the obsolete impression
Comfortable Working Environment
Variety of Benefits
  • Lucidity provides all employees with paid half-day leave on Fridays for enhancing work-life balance and flexibility.

  • Lucidity has badminton court, gym and so on. Our partners can use these facilities after working all day.

  • Lucidity holds lots of exercise activities and encourage our partners doing exercise every day.

  • Lucidity offers various leave categories, such as school-opening leave or elder-caring leave, giving more freedom between work and life.

  • Lucidity is not an IPO company, we share the interest with our partners instead.

  • Lucidity arranges a loft and bright working environment, creating stylish offices where everyone has its own space to show their talent.

Talent pool

Career growth in Lucidity, let's make it happen together.
  • Seeding
  • Learning
  • Growing
  • Teaching
  • Supervising
  • Seeding
    Campus Synergy
    • Internships
    • Cooperate with colleges
    • Career mentors
    • Job fairs
    • Fresh graduate area
  • Learning
    • Personal Mentors
    • Fundamental training
    • Novice caring meeting
    • Supervisor forum
  • Growing
    Company Culture
    • Experiential training
    • Self-challenging activities
    • Charity volunteer
    • Love spreading
  • Teaching
    Professional competence
    • On-the-job training
    • E-Learning
    • Project engagement
    • Internal competition
  • Supervising
    Management ability
    • Management Associate Project
    • Supervisory agent system
    • LLC management academy
            →Carnegie、Experience camp and so on

Got your 6

Open-minded atmosphere.
Sharing and discussing every idea.
Work together, play together.
  • Young Power
    Young Power
    1. The rate of personnels who took Lucidity as their first job is 11.6% 2. The average age of personnels in Lucidity is 37 years old.
  • Various Clubs
    Various Clubs
    Lucidity supports every kind of clubs idea coming from our partners.
  • Family-bonding Time
    Family-bonding Time
    Lucidity holds several family-bonding events annually, sharing the joy with each one of us.
  • Experiential Training
    Experiential Training
    Lucidity arranges different training events, sharing our core value with every partner.
  • Internal Competitions
    Internal Competitions
    Lucidity stimulates new ideas through cross-functional team competitions.
  • Department Relationships
    Department Relationships
    Lucidity offers subsidies for every department to maintain relationships and relieve everyone's daily stress.

Team Lucidity

Coming with different backgroung, having the same interesting story in Lucidity.
  • Ken Wang
    Ken Wang
    Equipment Engineer
    Ken Wang
    Industrial automation equipment import and evaluation.
    Equipment repairment and maintenance.
    I took up biking after entering here. With bike buddies I've made in office, I started to challenge different route and expanded my life experience.
  • Tammy Chen
    Tammy Chen
    Human Resources Specialist
    Tammy Chen
    Full-funcion HR tasks execution.
    In Lucidity, I have made a group of work-exercise-hangout partners!
  • Harry Wang
    Harry Wang
    Management Associate
    Harry Wang
    Rotate-training in different departments.
    Company’s strategic planning participation.
    As a new graduate, I am glad to be part of Lucidity. I joined Tzuyoung Foundation, volunteering to help those in need and giving beck to the society.
  • Charlene Pan
    Charlene Pan
    Optical Engineer
    Charlene Pan
    Vehicle lamp optical design and simulation.
    Optical issues analysis and solution finding.
    Exercises wipe out the tiredness of work!
  • Azzur Huang
    Azzur Huang
    Materials Section Manager
    Azzur Huang
    New materials evaluation, analysis and test.
    Product attributes optimization.
    Here we have experiential training, make OJT more interesting and exciting!
  • Josen Kung
    Josen Kung
    Wiring Team Leader
    Josen Kung
    Trailer harnesses production management.
    Wiring technology optimization and improvement.
    Thanks to the subsidies from company in terms of building family, helping me reduce much financial pressure.
  • Iron Chiu
    Iron Chiu
    SMT Section Manager
    Iron Chiu
    SMT process management.
    Production efficiency increase and quality defect prevention.
    Playing badminton with work partners after clocking out is awesome.
  • Derek Cheng
    Derek Cheng
    Optics Section Manager
    Derek Cheng
    New technology research and import.
    New products assessment and evaluation.
    I have so many first-time experiences here, mostly are exercise-related. The exercise-promtion trend in Lucidity really keep me from gaining weights too fast.
  • Jiawei Wang
    Jiawei Wang
    Information Technology Engineer
    Jiawei Wang
    IT system planning, developing and maintenance.
    Never imagined that first mountain-climbing experience would be in here, that's an very interseting expreience to me.
  • Kungmei Chin
    Kungmei Chin
    Electronics Engineer
    Kungmei Chin
    The hardware and software of vehicle electric circuit design and applicaiton.
    The verification of EMC and issues analysis.
    I love mountain climbing!
  • Andre Hsu
    Andre Hsu
    Quality Assurance section manager
    Andre Hsu
    Quality improvement planning and execution surpervising.
    Supply chain quality management.
    Quality abnormality analysis and pervention.
    By interacting with colleagues at work and at private time, I met a person who became my wife after we found the different sides of each other.
  • Danny Lin
    Danny Lin
    Production Planning Specialist
    Danny Lin
    Production schedule arrangment and negotiaion.
    Delivery date control and improvement.
    I enjoy the time spending with work partners on the sports field, that's the best way of relieving pressure.



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