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Laser tag game as an experiential training, let’s learn while have fun!

We arranged for some colleagues to join a laser tag game. Not merely a game, it’s a challenge to the stamina and a training to the mindset as well.

In October 2022, led by senior executives, we invited our management trainees and some colleagues to join a laser tag game-as a training to cultivate quick decision-making abilities under time-limited situation.

To make it more challenging, new missions were assigned to each round, team members had to play different roles and come up with different strategies in a short time together. The key points are all about sharing information and acting while having some preliminary decisions, like at work, always being agile and flexible.

Aside from quick decision-making abilities, persistence is also important in this game, that is-keep running or find another way to help their team complete the mission.

Our attempt is to let participants step out comfort zone and learn growth-mindset. Lucidity believes employees with flexibility and agility are crucial for offering better services to our customers. Always be open-minded to challenges like the acronym of LUC, also stands for Let Us Change.



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