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Manufacturing Capabilities

Process Technology

Advanced technology   ●   Production optimization   ●   State-Of-The-Art apparatus   ●   Highest quality
There are lots of companies having the capability to manufacture commercial vehicle lighting components. To become the first class manufacturer in the whole industry. Lucidity keeps on introducing innovative production technology and maintaining the highest manufacture standard to exceed our competitors. We never forget to strengthen our abilities and renew the apparatus such as importing AP Plasma and optimizing the production environment. In addition, we set up Clean Room for better quality control.  Fulfilling various requirements coming from clients is our priority.
Automation Equipment
Lucidity Group wants not only offers our customers products, but also a sense of reliable and trustworthy. Thus, we constantly introduce numerous automation equipments with robotic arms to integrate our production process. We implement optical inspection like CCD and AOI to eliminate errors as well. Focusing on efficiency and flexibility within the procedure to make sure Lucidity is your best choice.

Strengthen Process


Multi-joint Robot Arm

Robotic arms are used in Special and Large-size lighting products to improve the consistent quality and efficiency.

AP Plasma device

The chemical reaction can increase the surface adhesion between materials and products. The device can combine with Robotic arms to increase the stability.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment

AOI can detect the micro defects that humans cannot so that we can offer higher quality products.

SMT Production Line

With SMT Production Line, we possess the ability to produce smaller, thinner lighting components.  The high-speed production line can improve the efficiency and reduce the manufacture cost simultaneously.

Improve Production Efficiency & Safety


Multifunctional Robotic Arm

Integrating operation from different stations to streamline the process and stabilize the quality.

Automation Equipment

Automation has strong versatility and good efficiency. Using multifunctional robotic arms to integrate the operation process can reduce staffing and improve the quality.

Automatic Cyclic Machine

The cyclic machine can integrate the operation procedure that reduces staffing and increase the efficiency.

Automatic Insertion Machine

The insertion machine can bend and combine the components automatically of different product types together.

Implement Innovative Equipment


Laser Cutting Machine

Using laser technology to cut the PCB without human touching.

CCD Assist Robot Potting Automations

The machine can inject the Epoxy glue to the right place automatically by the visual recognition ability, not only improve the efficiency but also reduce the error rate.

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