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Quality Assurance

Quality Control Process

Lucidity implements fully quality control system in every procedure. We promise every production quality issues are well recorded and analyzed.
Through Input Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) and Outgoing Quality Control (OQC), each stage provide us an evidence to make sure our products can fulfill our customers and follow the needs of the standards.

Input Quality Control (IQC)

The IQC station is the very frontline of the process. We accordance with inspection regulation and use detection device to monitor the quality of input parts.

In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

Inspecting of the first and the last five pieces, following SOP, assembly schedule and production order to set up checkpoint ensure the quality.

Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)

Before shipment Lucidity will proceed optical inspections, performance tests, packaging verification and etc.  Make sure our products can meet the highest level.

Quality Reliability Verification

Lucidity implements Quality Reliability Verification in the early stage of the new product development process. We not only follow the rule of IATF16949 but also focus on upgrading the capacity of detection by purchasing state-of-the-art apparatus as well. Nowadays Lucidity can fulfill your needs absolutely.

IPX4 Rain Tester

According to IEC 60529, test the waterproof reliability of the lamp.

High Pressure Hot Water Spray Tester

According to DIN 40050, test the waterproof reliability under the high pressure hot water spray.

Vibration Tester

According to SAE J545e, test the vibration endurance of the lamp.

Thermal Shock Tester

According to ISO 16750-4, test the lamp reliability under the transient extreme temperature change.

Aging Oven Tester

According to SAE J575e, test the consistent operation ability of the lamp under the heat.

Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

According to SAE J1889, test the lamp continues operation ability under the high and low temperature.

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