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In this boundless commercial vehicle accessories world, it takes time to find a suitable product that can enhance your business. Lucidity Group has a professional and experienced service team can provide you an appropriate solution to enrich your shelves. With 40 years market experience and various product lines we have. We believe Lucidity can help to find a true way to the success.
    With 40 years’ experience in commercial vehicle lighting industry, Lucidity Group has already created thousands of lighting products and accessories. We still have more than 60 brand new products are designed and developed by our R&D team each year. From heavy duty to light duty, from interior lights to exterior lights, Lucidity Group provides various product lines to reach your goal. In addition, our experienced account managers can help to find out what you really need or develop a custom-made products with you. With these capabilities, we believe you can discover a brand new world of lighting parts on our website.
    Taiwan, a small island stands in the Pacific Ocean, which is situated on the main maritime transport route since ancient times. Many cultures spread to Taiwan through the marine trade and make Taiwan become a cultural melting pot. These foreign cultures brought the sense of adventure and innovation. Mixing with our local cultures, this unique Taiwan spirit has enabled us to play an important role in the commercial vehicle supply chain nowadays. Especially in Tainan, we have the most comprehensive vehicle manufacturing clusters. Via strategic partnerships with other companies, Lucidity Group has access to a wealth of tacit knowledge and can produce high quality products in an efficient manner.
    Lucidity Group provides various advertising materials to support you do more interaction with your customers. We are willing to face what the market needs and enrich our auxiliary service. In other words Lucidity is not just a manufacturer, we will back you up in many ways and be your best partner.
    Lucidity Group knows we are part in the global supply chain, how to provide our products and services on time is very important. We have several subsidiaries around the United States, Europe and Australia to offer the assistance immediately. No matter what you need, please feel free to let us know and we will make a quick response to you.
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