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Lucidity received an award for protecting the Right to Work for People with Disabilities

Lucidity believes that focusing on people who are nearby and taking care of them are the most important things we have to do.

         February 24th, Lucidity attended an award ceremony. The ceremony was for those companies which make an effort on establishing a friendly working environment. Lucidity was much pleasured to be one of the seven private companies that received the prize.   
          Wayne Huang, chairman of Lucidity, said “Lucidity will never use different treatment to those people with disabilities. Instead of it, Lucidity is willing to find their advantages while working. ” That is why Lucidity had more than 20 special working partners in the company, and it is nearly 5 times than the government requires.
          The core value of Lucidity is “Do The Best and Get Better Together”. We are focusing on how to get better with our working partners. Lucidity takes this value not only to our employees but also to our customers. We believe we don’t have to put much effort into doing CSR if we can keep this mentality as much as we can.


About Lucidity

Lucidity focuses on providing comprehensive commercial vehicle lighting solutions to their clients. With 40 years of experience in the industry, Lucidity has a comprehensive ability to serve our partners nowadays. Lucidity also has several subsidiaries worldwide to enhance our service quality and efficiency.

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