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15 Lucidity colleagues successfully completed a cycling expedition covering half of Taiwan, with the Chairman actively joining to offer his support and encouragement.

In 2023, a team of 15 dedicated Lucidity colleagues embarked on an exhilarating adventure, cycling halfway across the beautiful landscape of Taiwan. Our journey began with a challenging 50-kilometer round trip practice ride to Xingda Port, which left us breathless. However, through persistent training sessions, we collectively enhanced our physical endurance.

During our four-day, three-night cycling expedition, which covered half of Taiwan, our experiences ranged from moments of laughter to tears. One memorable comment from a member of our R&D team encapsulated our journey: "Upon reaching Hualien, we were struck by the vast difference between our city training and the demanding terrain we encountered. Along the way, we were heartwarmingly greeted by supportive villagers in Taitung, whose words of encouragement fueled our determination. With a spirit of unity and teamwork, we conquered all obstacles."

Despite facing challenges such as cramps, fatigue, and tire blowouts, we relied on each other for motivation and successfully completed this remarkable journey through unwavering teamwork and perseverance.


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