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“Bike fun” on the road, this bike tour was more than fun

Staffs from different departments teamed up to create unique experiences together. Notonly challenged themselves, but did something good to this society as well

        Lucidity held a nine-day round island bike tour in October 2022. Before hopping on a bike, here are some important numbers you need to know, 13-925-4, keep these in mind and let’s hit the road!

       13, the number of members in this tour. They come from different departments with different purposes, but there is one thing in common-everyone is indispensable. Each of them plays different role, make this team manage to complete the whole tour safe and sound.

       925, the number of distance they have ridden. The toughest part was the day they passed Shouka-notoriously difficult for cyclists due to undulating terrain. Aside from the road, unstable weather made that day worse, all they can do was to focus on the breath and face the challenge.

       4 is about the mission-called ”Bike Fun”, sounded like “to visit” in mandarin. They have to visit four social welfare organizations, and donate them with the money fundraised during this tour. Other than this, they were assigned to introduce Lucidity to the passersby and wipe convex mirror as well.

       This self-challenging tour gave the members a chance to know this land and themselves at different angle. They all look forward to the next  ”Bike Fun” tour.

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