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Collaboration with university on cultivating young talents, it’s our commitment

Collaboration with university on cultivating young talents, it’s our commitment.

Under the belief of young talents have unlimited potential, we team up with NCKU as a career coach, preparing the members with the workforce-entering abilities by visiting our company and attending training sessions.

In the 2023 CCP, several workplace-related training sessions have been planned, such as resume-making guide, job interviews, project management, data analysis etc., we aim to teach the members hard and soft skills to nail future job challenges.

Before all these training sessions start, we arranged a CCP gathering as an appetizer. By inviting the members to visit Lucidity, we demonstrated what lighting industry looks like, including the production process and our outstanding products. Amazed by the member’s energy and spirit during this visit, we learned a lot from their curious eyes. Look forward to more interaction with them in the future. 

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