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Conquering Mount Wu Wo Wei with Lucidity's 72 Employees: A Remarkable Achievement

The supervisor and colleagues of Lucidity climbed Mount WU WO WEI together

On March of this year, we organized a mountain climbing activity at Mount Wu Wo Wei. The climb involved rope climbing and tested the physical strength and endurance of our colleagues.

 Mount Wu Wo Wei is one of the most challenging peaks among the Seven Heroes Guguan, requiring the use of hands and feet and utilizing the entire body's strength. Recently, due to a long period without rain, even seemingly ordinary and flat paths became treacherous with dry, sandy soil. Every step had to be taken with caution to prevent slipping.

However, this journey also emphasized the importance of mutual assistance among colleagues. During the more dangerous sections, our company's experienced mountaineers constantly monitored the progress and condition of other colleagues, providing timely support. Thanks to their assistance, many of our colleagues were able to reach the summit and fulfill their dreams.

Mountain climbing is a personal challenge, but with the support of companions, the journey becomes smoother. We are grateful for the mutual assistance among our colleagues, which allowed us to achieve a new milestone together. We look forward to future mountaineering challenges and the opportunity to conquer new heights as a team!

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