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Employees discover the secrets to a fulfilling life through club activities

In the journey of life, everyone dreams of living a vibrant and fulfilling existence where they can freely pursue their passions. The existence of the "Fulfilling Life Club" aims to realize the ideal life of "living joyfully now." Let's explore some secrets that can help achieve a fulfilling life!

Secret 1: Starting a fulfilling life with good health; and it begins with "relaxation"

The spring activities of the club start with the foundational concept of a fulfilling life, the "Health Zone." The club invited experts to introduce this concept and combined with demonstrations of stress relief techniques, allowed everyone to deeply experience the effects of relieving fatigue through massage.

Secret 2: Implementing an ideal life by prioritizing health as a foundation and work as a core

Designing one's life is not about preparing for retirement but about living in the present and realizing one's aspirations. This year, the club organized a day trip to a leisure farm established by professor Wei and nearby mountain trails, allowing members to embrace the philosophy of "There are no obstacles, only choices" in life design.


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